1Maths Hons 1st Year

BSc Maths Hons 1st Year

B.Sc Mathematics Hons for 1st Year Students Classes having 2 Papers. New Batches starts from July, 2014. The coaching classes only for students of Calcutta University and Barast univesity.

4BSc Pass 1st Year

BSc Maths Pass 1st Year

BSc Maths Pass classes for students BSc Pass & Hons Students having Mathematics one of the subject. Only 1 paper in the first year and the new Batches starting from 1st Week of July, 2014.

2Maths Hons 2nd Year

BSc Maths Hons 2nd Year

The 2nd Year Classes for BSc Maths Hons Students having 2 Papers and classes are provided 2 days per week.
The classes are for College Students of
Calcutta Univesity and Barasat University.

5BSc Pass 2nd Year

BSc Maths Pass 2nd Year

In 2nd Year for B.Sc Pass Course in Maths,
there are 2 Papers. There are 2 classes/week provided to students. All module and papers
taught one place that makes our BSc Maths Coaching Class Unique.

3Maths Hons 3rd Year

BSc Maths Hons 3rd Year

B.Sc Maths Hons 3rd Year is the toughest
for all students. There are 4 papers in one year and we provide 3 days classes/week to cover all 4 papers. Sometimes extra classes also provided.

6BSc Pass 3rd Year

BSc Maths Pass 3rd Year

The 3rd Year for BSc Pass course,
there are only 1 paper for maths. Only
one class per week is enought to complete the syllabus. Sometimes extra classes also
provided by the teachers.